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About PHC24

Conference Theme

The Preventive Health Conference is an important conference on the public health calendar. Convened by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), the Preventive Health Conference is an annual conference aimed at providing a platform to engage, challenge and exchange ideas, where pivotal issues for building prevention in Australia is discussed and where delegates can learn from the experience, opinions and perspectives of sector leaders and their peers.

The Public Health Association of Australia is committed to ensuring there are continued opportunities for professional development and connection within the community. As such, PHAA's new virtual conference experience the 'Plenary Hub' will replace the previous hybrid conferences. Click here for more information.


The 2024 Preventive Health Conference theme is: 'Building prevention success stories'.


This conference will explore the many ways to build preventive health success.  These are rarely overnight success stories.  We will explore when to be quick and when to be slow; when to be quiet and when to be loud; when to disrupt and when to build.


How do we build partnerships for advocacy, and to enable many community voices to be heard?  How do we keep building our evidence and advocacy with limited resources and attention, overcoming frustration when our preventive health activity is urgent? How do we make the most of the attention when it finally arrives?  How do we build workforce and capacity when the resources arrive?  How do we keep up prevention momentum after our 15 minutes of national attention, after the national strategy has been released and the funding announced, and attention has moved to other things?


The conference will explore success stories of preventive health, topical preventive health issues and emerging opportunities for prevention.

Conference objectives

  • Create an environment that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing and facilitates engagement among delegates to work together to achieve better health outcomes for Australians.

  • Create opportunities to discuss issues of diversity, disability and accessibility, and provide opportunities for all delegates to participate.

  • Provide guidance and insight into ways of capacity building and strengthening of prevention systems; and

  • Provide conference delegates with new and innovative ideas that can be applied to local settings to help create and improve preventive health for local communities.

Target audience

Our target audience is stakeholders able to effect and/or influence change at the systems and/or practice level including:

  • Researchers and Academics

  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services sector

  • Health care professionals engaged in prevention (doctors, nurses, allied health, dentists, pharmacists

  • Commonwealth and state policy staff including Ministers/ministerial staff, and health and social sector department representatives.

  • Local government

  • NGO/community and social sector provider and advocacy organisations

  • School Health Promotion workers

Program content and structure

The program will run over three days with plenary and concurrent sessions including long oral presentations, rapid-fire presentations, conversation starter and tabletop presentations, workshops, and keynote plenary presentations.


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